Financial Institutions

The ability of financial institutions to lend is what keeps our entire economic system moving. Yet that ability is dependent on debtors meeting their obligations. So when debtors renege on their agreements, we are all at risk. This is where CTL can help.

Partners in Economic Health

As mass-market lenders, financial institutions are vulnerable to large-scale defaults and asset non-performance. We do our best to minimize that vulnerability, acting as partners of financial institutions in maintaining the health of their balance sheets.

We are fully equipped to handle the case volume that financial institutions present. Through advanced technology—from file management and document assembly to voice-recognition software—we provide rigorous quality control over the recovery process on large-scale accounts. And while much of this process is automated, our lawyers still have the ability at any time to take control of a file and guide it according to their professional judgement.

As a legal collection firm working for financial institutions, we recognize the important role we play for the economy as a whole. We also recognize how important it is for institutions such as banks to uphold their reputation for integrity and respect. That is why we always act not only with an eye to your bottom line, but also to your long-term standing as pillars of the Canadian financial system.


CTL is proud to act as a legal collection firm working for landlords, and we manage difficult situations with sensitivity and tact. As lawyers, we recognize that the law governing landlord-tenant relations is complex and tilts towards tenants. As collectors, we know that resolving situations early produces the best outcomes. We deploy our expertise in both areas to optimize debt recovery for landlords whose tenants are in arrears.

Wherever possible, we settle outstanding debts with tenants before resorting to the full force of the law. Yet we know that sometimes only legal action — or the threat of it — will protect a landlord’s legitimate property rights. Whatever strategy we choose, we execute it with respect and professionalism, ensuring that tenants are treated fairly and that your reputation remains intact.

Law Firms

As lawyers, we are always happy to represent other lawyers. We recognize that the expertise required in representing a client is not the same as that required in collecting a debt. We command both aspects.

In providing recovery services for law firms, we follow our standard procedure: begin with a polite representation on your behalf. We then escalate our efforts according to tried and true tactics that we have honed over years of commercial collection. You can rest assured that, as lawyers, we will always adhere scrupulously to both the letter and the spirit of the law — ensuring that your reputation and good standing will never be tarnished.

As you can imagine, our expertise in both collections and law gives us a considerable advantage in resolving cases. We know exactly when a strategy should be revised, and what means are available to us in both the pre-litigation and litigation stages. Together we can obtain the best result for you and your practice.

Accounting Firms & Trustees

CTL maintains extensive experience in the recovery of receivables owing to the services rendered by accounting firms. Whether it be through the use of our collections process, or through litigation associated with the enforcement of your rights as a creditor, we are positioned to offer you a series of services designed to protect your rights and increase your recoveries.

CTL also works closely with trustees for the collection of receivables owed to companies under receivership.


As a legal collection firm working for telecom companies, CTL recognizes the financial issues faced by the industry. The ubiquity of cellular phones has driven the industry into new territory, raising fresh challenges for client location and account collection.

CTL has extensive experience in meeting these challenges. In addition to managing the collections requirements for traditional landline customers who are in arrears, we command the resources and techniques needed for settling overdue and delinquent cellular accounts. These include identifying and locating customers and their assets. We also benefit from being national in scope.

As always, we are sensitive to the needs of large telecom companies to preserve their reputational integrity. We strive to maximize settlement rates, but never do so at the expense of your public image and positive customer relations.


CTL is a partner in bill recovery for utilities. We recognize that utilities are governed by a statutory framework that places them in a different collections context from other businesses, and we adjust our collections strategy accordingly.

Our chief aim is to maximize recovery rates for you. We have a long history of managing delinquent utility accounts, and over the years we have honed our expertise in driving superior returns within the constraints faced by the industry. We also are able to undertake collections anywhere in Canada.

We pursue a collection strategy that places heavy emphasis on early resolution, encouraging account settlement in the pre-litigation stage. Yet when required, we can engage in full litigation for our utility clients, as we have both the expertise and the technology required to undertake legal actions on a large scale.


Governments face unique challenges in debt collection. The services they provide are for the public and they come with strong pressure to manage finances responsibly. Recovering debts that sometimes result is not as straightforward as it is for private enterprise.

CTL is a partner with the public sector in debt recovery and financial management. We recognize that governments and their agencies use different yardsticks than the private sector in measuring success. We respect that difference, and adapt our strategies for debt recovery accordingly. Yet we also recognize the vital importance for governments of maintaining fiscal responsibility and using public funds wisely.

Due our business model, we have the capacity to manage the often high volume of cases that governments oversee. Our advanced technology and case management protocols let us collect — or litigate — on a very large scale, meeting the criteria that governments demand for quality control and volume. We resolve cases quickly and efficiently, and provide the strategic advice required for accounts that are more complex or resistant to solution.

Above all, we remain sensitive to the need of governments to be represented with professionalism and respect. We recognize that the people from whom governments are collecting are also the people whom they represent—and thus that they have a special requirement to act with fairness and integrity at all times.

Gym & Fitness Centres

CTL provides recovery services for gyms and fitness centres across Canada. We can manage both small and large accounts, and thus can adapt our services to individual businesses or nationwide chains.

We pursue unpaid and delinquent accounts with techniques and approaches that have been perfected over our long tenure in the recovery field. In every case we demonstrate respect, courtesy and professionalism. Recognizing that many customers view fitness club memberships as discretionary spending items, we do everything we can to resolve cases while retaining customer goodwill; we know that once a customer’s finances have been restored to good order they are once again potential clients for your business.

At the beginning of the process we stress to all delinquent accounts that we are in the pre-litigation phase, and we do everything we can to keep it there. In cases that are harder to resolve, however, we will move to litigation if it suits your business objectives and budget.


As a legal collection firm working for construction firms, CTL provides recovery services for an industry that depends heavily on cash flow. We recognize that the often-onerous financing requirements of construction projects—particularly those that are large-scale and complex—put considerable pressure on contractors and sub-contractors to manage their financing closely.

We take that pressure off, by turning your at-risk receivables into performing assets. With extensive experience in asset recovery, we can devise a collections strategy that suits your business goals and budget. With professionalism and courtesy, we aggressively pursue your interests and uphold your reputation—as a business that is both reliable and unwilling to be taken advantage of.

And as our name suggests, we also put the power of the law at your service. Our aim is always to resolve outstanding cases quickly and efficiently at the pre-litigation phase, but if we are unable to do so we can then proceed to litigation on your behalf. The outcome for you is enhanced business image.

Leasing Industry

CTL has a stellar reputation as a leading legal collection firm working for the leasing industry. We work with companies that lease in every field imaginable—from aircraft, industrial and machinery, to commercial, storage and warehousing. We have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of the leasing industry, such as the calculation of residual values or provisions for contract buyout.

Recognizing that reputation is king in the leasing industry, we do everything to protect yours. As a law firm, we are equally invested in maintaining our reputation, and as a result we represent you with the courtesy and honesty that you would expect from legal professionals.

Our services begin with pre-litigation: contacting your delinquent accounts and explaining to them that the easiest and most efficient way of resolving their file is through standard collections settlement procedures. We manage your accounts at every step of the way, leaving you free to focus on your business.

If we have exhausted all options in the pre-litigation phase, we then consult with you on the possibility of litigation. As lawyers with extensive experience in debt recovery, we provide you with strategic advice that serves your long-term interests. Our aim is always to help you manage not only your finances, but also your image as a reliable business that commands respect.


Shippers, brokers, consignees, damaged goods, third-party liability—moving freight is nothing if not complex. On top of that, the transportation industry is facing rising fuel costs and ever-tighter margins, making cash-flow management more important than ever. That’s why it pays to have a legal collection firm that knows transportation.

When things go wrong with your customers, turn to us to make them right. We’re specialists in recovery services for the transportation industry, and we know the complex liability and payment issues that are inherent in the business.

We’re persistent and professional. We also recognize the importance you attach to maintaining good customer relations and a reputation for fairness—as well as firmness. We navigate those requirements with dexterity, asserting your rights with courtesy and respect.

And we provide you with strategic counsel. As lawyers, we understand that collection is a legal process, but one that doesn’t have to rely on formal legal actions to be successful. Whether you are facing a rate dispute, damage claims, or something as simple as an overdue account, we do everything possible to resolve your issue in the pre-litigation phase—saving everyone time, money and headaches. But if we need to proceed further to litigation we can do so in a way that is cost-effective for you. Our ultimate goal is to keep your business running smoothly and maintain good relations with all your customers.

University & Colleges

Universities and colleges have a unique role in our society, educating individuals while serving a collective interest. CTL is sensitive to that role. We recognize the as the high public profile that universities and colleges possess.

As a legal collection firm for universities and colleges, we balance your requirements with skill and judgement. We pursue your outstanding accounts with diligence, always focused on your need to capture the revenues that form the basis of your budgetary planning. Yet we do so carefully, with tact and respect for the varied circumstances in which your debtors find themselves. We are always mindful of the need for educational institutions to uphold both the appearance and reality of fairness.

In addition to providing efficient debt recovery services, we also provide advice. As lawyers, we can counsel you on the most effective strategies to pursue in recovering outstanding accounts. Our focus is to resolve files at the pre-litigation stage wherever possible, but we know that sometimes it makes sense to escalate a process to litigation when significant amounts are at stake.

However we proceed, we can guarantee you an efficient recovery process that puts your interests and reputation first at every step of the way.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry in Canada is highly competitive and faces exceedingly difficult production constraints. In an environment that can be affected by large price swings and unpredictable international events, companies in the industry need to carefully protect their cash flow and make the most of all their assets.

As a legal collection firm working for the oil and gas industry, CTL understands. We recognize how damaging non-productive assets can be to your bottom line and your entire business. We work diligently to turn overdue receivables into cash, and we have an intimate understanding of the special conditions that govern the oil patch. Whether it’s placing liens on wells or mineral rights, or undertaking litigation in cases that debtors refuse to settle, we employ our expertise as collectors and lawyers to obtain the best result.

Above all, we employ discretion and tact. We know that asserting your rights aggressively doesn’t mean risking your public image or damaging your reputation. Our goal is to keep your business running—and that involves managing your relationships as well as your money.