Re-Engineering Debt Collection

From first party collection to full litigation, CTL Law is a leading end-to-end provider of tech-enabled legal collection services. We help our clients efficiently collect their debts with a model designed to accelerate settlements, minimize costs and ensure that litigation is a practical and viable option, whenever necessary. Due to our model, the costs of litigation is rarely a deterrent to our clients.

We Play Differently

We offer our clients the necessary infrastructure to safely unbundle the low-risk non legal aspects of their collection operation and address such aspects with lower-costs and often more competent (specialized) non lawyer employees, all being supervised by seasoned lawyers. Our services focus on improving the quality and efficiency of our clients’ legal and collection needs to a level never attained in the business of collection and recovery.

We are the only known national end-to-end (as opposed to point solution)
provider of legal collection services in Canada.

Does Someone Owe You Money?


Guide to “Planning A Successful Legal Collection Strategy”

“At CTL, we rely on the objectivity of the Law
to determine fairness.”


– François Sauvageau
President & CEO

Our Legal Module

Mathematical equations and algorithms alone are not sufficient to make an informed and safe decision to litigate or not to litigate.

Human Contact is Necessary

Our “Legal Module” is an instrument using all factors typically used for the scoring of accounts with the addition of human contact by highly trained legal professionals to validate the debtor’s propensity to pay if a legal action was to be commenced.

We call this initial contact a pre-legal examination (PLE), during which we can learn about a recent divorce, a new job, an inheritance, expenses of the debtors, the presence of other creditors, new business ventures, etc. PLE are also used to properly educate debtors as to their legal obligations and the potential consequences of their defaults, if not corrected in a timely manner.

Increase of your recoveries by often more than 250%

Protection of your reputation & mitigation of risk exposure

Ability to make better decisions, earlier in the process

Economy of costs for better use of your resources

Potential return of your customers through a friendly educational approach

Legal expertise at an affordable price / legal opinion before collection


Extreme customization of your collection strategy

You can think of our Legal Module as an instrument with a meshed or perforated bottom, used for separating coarse from fine parts of loose matter. We use it to separate our clients’ accounts in three categories very early in the collection cycle (preferably prior to third party assignment): regular 3rd party collection; collection through litigation; and traditional litigation. This segmentation allows our clients to make better decisions, much quicker, in the collection process. Not only does it save them money, it protect their reputation by identifying those accounts which should be closed because of errors or, for example only, the presence of other factors such as terminal illness or extreme hardship.


A Single Source of Truth

NUCLEUS is CTL’s proprietary technology designed to transform the end-to-end legal collection process by allowing all actors involved throughout the process to share available information in real time and in one place for better results. From collection notes and supporting documentation to the drafting and issuance of claims, speech analytics, personal service with pictures, court appearances, home assessment, video conferences and recorded telephone conversations, clients’ update reports, payments and much more, NUCLEUS instantly shares account information with the authorized members gravitating within its shield. By forcing an organic, fully automated and strict timeline as well as cycles of actions, restrictions, audits and approvals to be followed from the beginning to the end of the legal, collection and enforcement process, NUCLEUS also gives a predicted life to our clients’ accounts from the moment they are uploaded. The NUCLEUS by CTL platform is fully integrated, flexible, and bank secured. Ask us for demo.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify the customer experience;
  • Centralize communication and documentation collection;
  • Enhance accuracy, compliance and security of information – simplify the use of virtual partners for local impact;
  • Improve cycle times;
  • Capture critical metrics from the legal collection process;
  • Enhance vendor performance;
  • Lower administrative expenses;
  • Standardize, simplify and streamline workflow process – reduce and control expenses;
  • Improve responsiveness – optimize productivity internally and externally;
  • Intuitive and comprehensive reporting tools;
  • Flexible configuration.